Bloom Perfumery (Londres) – Tesoro escondido

foto: Soledad Caneda

foto: Bee Caneda

foto: Soledad Caneda  Perfumes ambientales Dr. Vranjes

foto: Bee Caneda      Perfumes ambientales Culti y Dr. Vranjes

Apenas me enteré de que mis amigas  Soledad y Bee pasarían sus vacaciones en Londres, les pregunté -por favor, por favor- si podían hacer una compra por mí.

Propuse que hicieran escala en Bloom Perfumery principalmente porque el negocio  vende Vero Profumo (lo que yo estaba buscando), pero también porque me encantaba su website tan monono,que ahora ha sido actualizado en favor de un diseño ligeramente más dinámico. La dueña, Oksana Polyakova, con quien me contacté para averiguar disponibilidad de stock, resultó especialmente atenta.

Bloom Perfumery está ubicado en la vivaz zona de Spitalfields  (más exactamente en la intersección de Hanbury Street y Commercial Street), en el  East End de Londres. La tienda en sí no es enorme aunque ofrece una selección muy inteligente de perfumes (Phaedon, Arquiste, Téo Cabanel, Jardins d’Écrivains, Frapin y Les Parfums de Rosine entre otras marcas).

Soledad y Bee se mostraron contentas de haberse tomado el tiempo para visitar Bloom ya que de otro modo no se habrían aventurado por las adyacencias.  Spitalfields perdió hace tiempo la reputación dudosa que tenía en la época victoriana y florecen los restaurants, tiendas vintage y mercados de pulgas.

Además de mi preciado frasquito, trajeron muestras y, por supuesto, fotos.


foto: Soledad Caneda  Blotters

foto: Bee Caneda         Blotters

Bloom Perfumery (London) – Hidden treasure

When I heard my friends  Soledad and Bee would be spending their holidays in London, I asked if they could  -pretty please- custom purchase a certain something for me.

I suggested they stop by Bloom Perfumery mainly because the shop stocks  Vero Profumo (what I was looking for) but also because I adored their extra-cute website, which has now been updated in favor of a slightly more dynamic design. Owner Oksana Polyakova -whom I became in contact with in order to check product availability- was beyond helpful.

Bloom Perfumery is located in the lively Spitalfields area (more precisely at the Hanbury Street and Commercial Street junction), in the East End of London. The shop itself is not huge but offers a very clever selection of fragrances (Phaedon, Arquiste, Téo Cabanel, Jardins d’Écrivains, Frapin and Les Parfums de Rosine among others).

In the end, Soledad and Bee were happy they took the time to visit Bloom since they would have otherwise not ventured into the neighbouring zone. Spitalfields has long lost the dubious reputation it had in Victorian times and blooms (no pun intended) with restaurants, vintage stores and flea markets.

Besides my precious flacon, they brought back samples and, of course, pictures.


foto: Soledad Caneda  perfumes de Frapin, línea inspirada en cognacs finos

foto: Bee Caneda    perfumes de Frapin, línea inspirada en cognacs finos

foto: Soledad Caneda

foto: Bee Caneda     Parfums de Rosine, Jardins des Ecrivains y Blood Concept

foto: Soledad Caneda  Phaedon

foto: Bee Caneda    Phaedon

foto: Soledad Caneda  ¡Misión cumplida!

foto: Bee Caneda   Misión cumplida

16 responses to “Bloom Perfumery (Londres) – Tesoro escondido

  1. Hi Caro! This is such a wonderful post about my favourite perfumery. I have recently returned from a trip there, where a fairly large group of bloggers met up for a day of sniffing and fun. You may or may not have read some of the reports of the adventures we had on the day!! I enjoy being in the intimate environment of a small shop where you receive personal attention. I hope Bloom becomes a destination not to be missed on the list of perfumistas and perfume fans who are in London. Love your blog.


    • Hi Val!

      Glad to know you enjoyed this post. Thank you very much for your compliments.

      Bloom looks adorable (I just couldn’t have enough of the cute monster logo) and I appreciate the fact that they do not need to rely on “luxury” brands in order to have a smart selection of excellent fragrances.
      I have not read about the bloggers’ sniffing event….will try to find some information about it ASAP.




  2. I’m curious, which Vero did you get?


    • Hi Roger,

      it was Kiki.




      • I smelt Kiki when I got Mito, and now I can’t get that one off my mind either. There is something about it that brings me back to Italy and my childhood at the same time. I think I’ll have to spend the rest of my life eating bread and beans…
        Thanks for your articles and reviews, concise, evocative and knowledgeable. And the bilingual touch lets me brush off my rusty Spanish too. Keep them coming 🙂


      • Thank you for stopping by, Roger!
        Kiki grew slowly on me (I like the extrait and voile d’extrait best). I get an emotional reaction from it that I don’t get from any other fragrance…I cannot wear fragrances that do not emote me (unless I’m in a work environment).
        This Vero is going to make me go bankrupt.
        Here’s to a lifetime of bread and beans AND exquisite fragrances! Salute!




      • I don’t think I will ever have enough Kiki, dear Daisy 😉


  3. What a fun post and good friends!


  4. What a cute store and what good friends to help you out like that! Hooray!


  5. Hey Caro,

    Bloom is one of my favourite perfume places in London! They’re super friendly and ever helpful. And what lovely photos! 🙂


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